JING: Restoring Vital Essence with Lyssa Spencer
Yoga, Acupressure and Breathwork


sat 3 Aug


In Traditional Chinese Medicine Jing is known as our vital essence. It is stored in the Kidneys and it’s believed we are all born with a certain amount of Jing.

The key to longevity is learning how to replenish and restore our vital essence in order to live long, healthy and happy lives. 

Jing can be depleted in lots of ways but most commonly known to the Western World are factors like stress, childbirth, depression, exhaustion, over - working, over - doing and more.

This workshop is intended to teach you ways in which you can work towards rebuilding, replenishing and restoring your vital essence to feel more alive, vibrant and rested. We will work with yoga poses specific to the Kidney & Adrenals, how to downregulate your nervous system, accupressure techniques and more.

All levels, experience, ages and abilities are welcome. If you’re injured, great, you’re welcome too.


Lyssa’s teachings incorporate the profound healing aspects of Forrest Yoga blended with elements of TCM, bodywork and the Transpersonal paradigm.

Trained by Ana Forrest and under the mentorship of Forrest Yoga Guardian, Jambo Truong, Lyssa is developing her teachings in a way that helps students reconnect : body, mind and Spirit. Her classes are multi-dimensional, she weaves her knowledge of the subtle body, somatic healing and her own experiences into the physical poses in an effort to bring about lasting change for those she works with.

She is passionate about helping students discover what is standing in the way of them being the greatest version of themselves. She offers a safe space and the sacred arena of the yoga mat to assist in this process of healing and deeper connection to Self.

Inspired by various styles of yoga (including Forrest Yoga, Yin & Flow) Lyssa’s classes are simple yet strong with an in depth focus on the breath. Lyssa has a way of bringing you into feeling areas of your body you have disconnected from. Her aim is to bring her students out of thinking and into feeling.

Her classes are fuss free with minimal dialogue and are designed to get you connected inward.

Think little distractions, lots of serenity and a sense of being connected mind, body & spirit.

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