Do Less, Feel More
Yin Yoga & Sound Healing Journey

Emma Flute Fairy

SUN 16 Dec
SUN 20 Jan


A collaboration with Janet McInnes & Emma Stout.

Come join us this winter as we prepare to welcome the light back into our bodies, hearts and minds with a candlelit yin yoga practice and shamanic sound healing savasana, visualisation and grounding.

Winter is the time of year for deep rest and reflection. You may have intentions for or gain insights from this yoga/sound ceremony. 

Yin and Yang are relational concept, they don’t exist without one another. They define one another, create balance and harmony together and are completely interdependent.

Yin Yoga is a practice that complements the dynamism of more Yang yoga styles and activities. Yang practices are active, dynamic, invigorating, Yin takes us towards stillness, surrender and peace. Floor postures are held passively for several minutes with the intent to impart safe stress on layers of connective tissue.

Janet has drawn great support from Yin yoga this year in her own practice, discovering untapped reserves of energy from cultivating deep rest and stillness. Slowing down, doing less, feeling more. She is delighted to finally be sharing this yielding gentle practice in collaboration with Emma’s healing sound journey.

Sound is healing, it transfers energy, it helps to shift vibration, frequencies and awareness; nurturing the heart, mind and spirit.

A holistic practitioner and healer from Edinburgh, Emma plays according to the energy of the room and channels spirit song from heart to heart.

Sound Healing generates a space where you can journey/meditate and deeply relax, allowing you to release physical, mental and emotional stress, enhancing your well-being and inviting balance and inner peace.

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“On the other side of activity is stillness. On the other side of control is surrender. On the other side of agitation is peace.” Josh Summer

Join us on the “other side” of busyness.