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join janet at scapa fest 2019

Scapa Fest is the UK's Yoga and Adventure Festival, a unique Sunrise to Sunset mind-body-nature connection experience in one of the world's most beautiful location, Ardkinglas Estate, Loch Fyne, Scotland.

Scapa Fest offers a multi-day outdoor experience to individuals and families dedicated to their own wellbeing and work-life-environment balance through: yoga, meditation, mind-body health, outdoor education and environmental action.

Over 3 days, discover 20+ experts leading 100+ yoga and adventure workshops, talks & performances inspired by the natural world for all ages and levels.

Having taught at the very first Scapa Fest, Janet is excited to return this year. She’ll be sharing a Forrest Yoga and a Yin & Meditation workshop over the weekend with lots of time to participate in adventure, learning and exploring.

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Give Your Hips Space to Breathe: Yin Yoga & Meditation with Janet McInnes
Sat 4 May 2-3.30 pm at Scapa Fest

We all have stories about our hips, about our perceived limitations and flexibility. Rather than getting caught up in our stories, how about we slow down, breathe and actually feel into the mystery of our hips, the whispering messages that are there when we stop pushing and start listening. Yin Yoga is a meditative approach to yoga that focuses on fascia, connective tissue and joint health. 

Suitable for all levels

Heal Your Back: Forrest Yoga Therapeutic Backbends with Janet McInnes
Sun 5 May 8.45-10.15am at Scapa Fest

Forrest Yoga is a healing system, intelligently sequenced to keep you safe in your practice and to allow the space to feel more and explore your emotional expression on the mat. In this workshop you will learn to breathe very deeply and release tension in your core as you progress through therapeutic backbends to create spaciousness and flexibility through your spine. Slow down, breathe deeply and take responsibility for your own healing. 

Suitable for all levels