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SAVE THE DATE: Wed 22 - Fri 24 May 2019

Location: Leith Yoga, 1-7 Montrose Terrace, Edinburgh EH7 5DJ


Consensual Touch, Internal Bodywork, Scar Tissue Remediation, Anal Mapping & Pelvic Floor Release – 3 Day Hands On/In Bodywork & Anatomy Workshop

who is this training for?

This 3 day experiential training is for bodyworkers, yoga teachers and embodiment seekers who desire a deeper understanding of the internal landscape of the pelvis and pelvic floor.

This training is gender diverse and sexuality inclusive, we welcome and celebrate all gender identifications and sexual orientations within this safe and consensual container.


what the course covers

Day 1 - Consensual Touch

Re-framing what it means to be 'in consent' and exploring consensual touch through the ground breaking 'Wheel of Consent' system created by Dr Betty Martin. We will discover and reinforce an embodied awareness of what our Yes’s and No’s feel like, along with the ability to clearly communicate them. Sharpen and develop your professional skills: consent, boundaries and assessment protocols. Making your sessions safe, satisfying and effective is foundational to the work that we do.

Day 2 - Pelvic Floor Anatomy, Scar Tissue Remediation & External Anal Mapping

A comprehensive education in pelvic floor anatomy allowing us to gain a holistic understanding of the pelvis in all of its intricacies, muscular, skeletal, fascial and scar tissue – we will learn how to test for pelvic dysfunction and habitual pelvic compensation patterns which intrinsically affect the rest of our body, how we walk, how we breathe and how we move around in the world. During the afternoon session we will introduce techniques from Sexological Bodywork including partnered External Anal Mapping and Bodywork designed to activate the para-sympathetic nervous system. We will also include an introduction to STREAM (Scar Tissue Remediation Education & Management ) and the pioneering work of Dr Ellen Heed.

Day 3 - Internal Anal Mapping & Pelvic Floor Release

Combining and building upon the previous days' teachings we will progress to somatically exploring the inner workings of the pelvis and pelvic floor with partnered Internal Anal Mapping and Pelvic Floor Release Bodywork. We will draw upon our newly learned pelvic anatomy, testing of our own pelvic compensation patterns, ability to navigate consensual touch and the teachings of Sexological Bodywork to co-create and tailor an internal pelvic mapping session specific to our learning partners presentations. During the afternoon session we will open forum to the group, an invitation to revisit any of the aspects of this work in more detail or possibly an introduction to some of the other areas and modalities we address within the scope of Sexological Bodywork. Closing ceremony to finish.

meet your teacher

Robin Ramage is a trained Sexological Bodyworker, Yoga Bodyworker and Forrest Yoga Teacher.

Passionate about bringing together the wisdom where all three of these pioneering therapeutic modalities cross over and inform each other, in a way that is safe, informed, relevant and very much needed in order to address many of the inter-personal issues we find ourselves navigating in our modern daily lives.

"Seeking understanding and integration of the pelvis so that it can become a place of resource within our holistic view of the body, analysing its function and dysfunction, seeing and beginning to release ourselves from the layers of personal shame and the layers of shame that society and our relationships imprint upon us. Ultimately, we seek to gain agency over how our body exists and interacts with the world around us, and in reclaiming our own bodies we learn how to assist others to do the same." ~ Robin Ramage

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location & SchEDULE,TuiTION & PAYMENT policies

LOCATION: Leith Yoga Edinbugh

SAVE THE DATE: Wed 22-Fri 24 May 2019, Edinburgh, Scotland

TUITION: £450 for 3 days experiential training - email Robin to reserve your place.

Contact Robin with questions and for more information