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The Micro & Macro World of the Pelvic Floor. A 4-day Forrest Yoga Inspired Continuing Education for Teachers* (CET) and yoga practitioners wanting to know more about the female Pelvic Floor—it’s function, dysfunction and relationship to the emotional body. 

who is this training for?

Yoga teachers who teach women! This course is particularly great for teachers whose students have reached or are approaching menopause, who have experienced organ prolapse, incontinence, pelvic floor surgery (including hysterectomy and cesarean) and those who have a difficult relationship with feeling grounded or sensual.  

Yoga practitioners who want to develop a stronger connection and understanding to their own Pelvic Floor. This course is especially great for those who want to feel grounded, sensual and comfortable in their own power. 


*Charlie is a Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and therefore you can earn CPD points by taking this course.

Hear from Szilvia & Charlie, here they are talking about the October CET in LA, but they will be delivering the same brilliant content in Edinburgh.

what the course covers

This course is a yoga practitioner’s 101 on the Pelvic floor. Taught over four days, you will experience 4 morning asana practices that have been specifically designed to build your deep awareness of the Pelvic Floor. You will learn powerful breathing techniques for pelvic floor health, feel the healing asana, FEEL AND MAKE CONNECTIONS in your body and experience Szilvia and Charlie’s beautiful approach to ceremony. 


Each afternoon is dedicated to learning more about the pelvic floor—how to maintain health and bring the pelvic floor back to health. 

Sessions include: 

— Basic anatomy of the Pelvic Floor in relation to your whole body

— The use of quality touch, bodywork and essential oils

— Yoga poses and hands on assists 

— Yoga and bodywork for healing specific conditions such as, incontinence, prolapse and the effects of menopause. 

— The emotional pelvis and working energetically for healing

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meet your teacherS


Born and raised in Hungary, as a freshly graduated young adult I found my landing in Los Angeles, California following my passion to pursue a deeper learning and understanding of the human body, its exciting potentials and my budding love and deepening commitment to my husband to be, Forrest Yoga guardian Brian Campbell. I enrolled in massage school in Santa Monica, California and bid ‘adieu’ to the number pushing business world. I pursued a new path of becoming a stay at home mom as new-fangled US immigrant. I found great joy in taking part in our kids education as a coop-mom and volunteering in various forms of fundraising and volunteer coordinating activities. My life started to fill with meaning and a rich tapestry of experience. 

But my ‘inner blooming’ really started a bit later when I entered the ‘path of teacher’ in 2011. During a Forrest Yoga Foundational TT’s morning intensives, Ana Forrest came up to me during a savasana assist and invited me to her next training in Texas. 

As this call was in alignment with my heart’s call I answered it and completed the month long training, furthermore pledged to join her mission to mend the hoop of people. 

4 years of teaching-practice later I enrolled and completed the FYATT (advanced training) with Ana. During those years I worked at various studios all over Los Angeles, gained lots of experience working with one on one clients and introduced Forrest Yoga at a local educational convention (Play Matters Conference) with the goal of bringing yoga-education to preschool aged children, lead a training at a preschool, completed a kids yoga teacher training and started to develop a yoga program at our children’s elementary school as a volunteer parent. In 2014 I left the ‘corporate’ yoga world and opened up my home studio in Palms, Los Angeles where to this day, the focus is to deliver quality movement exercise, community, with innovative and therapeutic approach in my ‘backyard jungle’ filled with rare exotic plants and hummingbirds. Life gifted me with 2 marvelous children & 15 year long marriage, growth, a deepening connection to my Spirit and personal freedom. And throughout it all no words can measure all the empowerment and tools I've received from my yoga practice and teaching. From 2016 to the beginning of 2019 I also became Forrest Yoga’s Assisting Program manager and helped staffing all of my teacher’s training and events world-wide. While I really enjoyed my job, it was time for this bird to open her wings and fly and brought my full attention to my teaching carrier. 

I’m currently preparing a fun and beauty filled teaching ‘World Tour’, some of it solo (teaching Forrest Yoga ceremonies with my native Turanian ways) and big part of it co-taught with my French/UK colleague friend Charlie Speller, in the form of our 4 day Pelvic Floor CETs around the world. In addition I’m deep in studying the connection of nervous system regulation, pelvic floor functions and dysfunctions both in myself and many womxn who come to me and I get to meet throughout my studies enhancing these practices with the power of Ceremony. 



My passion for yoga scooped me up and out of the corporate world and onto the mat — where I feel like I belong! I'm an up-beat, compassionate and compelling Forrest Yoga & perinatal yoga teacher. My yoga classes and yoga workshops are powerful, healing, sweaty and fun! I guide you into a deeper understanding of your emotional and physical self, so that when you leave my yoga class, you'll feel energised & empowered.

I frequently draw on my experience of high-pressured environments, and the healing of my own injuries — from life and impact sports — to move you through an exhilarating, safe practice. Helping people to work with and heal injuries, is one of my specialities.

I'm currently based in the South of France where my husband and I are building a yoga and well-being retreat centre. I teach regular classes from my home studio and online and take my lovingly created workshops to studios and festivals all over the world.

I'm also travelling yoga teaching assistant to yoga pioneer and author, Ana Forrest. With Ana, I coach new & advancing yoga teachers across the globe. Over the the years, I've worked with Ana in Cape Town, Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin, Seattle, Moscow, Athens, London & Peterborough, UK.

As a Leader and team builder in the corporate world, I was naturally drawn to the personal development aspects of Forrest Yoga and the Shamanic/ Medicine ways. They've been a huge help in my own life transformation and I'm super passionate about sharing the tools I've learned to help others to see their own potential — and grow into it!

As well as teaching Forrest Yoga, I'm also a functional bodyworker, Reiki practitioner, ‘people developer’, Shaman and essential oils consultant. I've studied with, and continue to work with Brian Campbell & Jambo Truong. Brian is a highly respected bodyworker and anatomist based in Los Angeles, CA and Jambo is one of the UK's top bodyworkers and complementary therapists. Both are Senior Forrest Yoga teachers (Forrest Yoga Guardians). I now travel and teach regularly with Jambo & Brian in Europe and Asia. My dear friend and teacher of Medicine ways, Esther Lim has also been very influential in what I teach and bring to my students.

My most recent adventure is becoming a mama. It's this precious and intense experience that lead me to want to demystify pre & Postnatal yoga and help to equip birth-givers with yoga and meditation for childbirth and postnatal rehabilitation. I am passionate about pelvic floor health!

When I'm not working or on my yoga mat, I love to play in the ocean and walk in the mountains with my husband, my little boy and my pooch.

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Tuition Fees

location & SchEDULE,TuiTION & PAYMENT policies

This will take place in Edinburgh. Final venue to be confirmed at a later date.

SAVE THE DATE: Thu 26 - Sun 29 March 2020, Edinburgh, Scotland

Mornings: 10am-12.30pm
Afternoons: 2-5.30pm


Discount price for first 5 places booked: £500
Discount price for next 3 places booked: £525
Standard price: £585


Please fill in this application form here and make payment to secure your place.


To hold your place you can pay a non-refundable deposit of £200. This non-refundable deposit will be applied to your tuition fees. The remainder of the fee is due 1 month prior to training.
The discount price can still be secured with the deposit.


* 30 days or more prior to training 100% of monies less Paypal fees and less the £200 non-refundable deposit

* 29 days or less, no refund, no exceptions

Contact Janet at Leith Yoga Trainings for more information